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We're now a certified Green School!

After months of waiting, Sheldon High School has been awarded entry-level Oregon Green School status, and with it, a $500 grant! Details on Oregon Green Schools can be found here.


Our Future Alliance is a coalition of Green and Environmental Club leaders from the Lane County area. We meet twice a month to share and discuss individual and cross-school projects. We are currently planning a leadership summit set to take place in a couple months. More to come!

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Our Future Alliance: Bringing Green Clubs Together

China Puts a Pause on Recycling, and It's Our Fault!


Apparently China's fed up with our poor recycling practices, as they recently declared a ban on foreign imports of most plastics and papers. For now, we're to keep recycling as usual, but its unclear as to whether recyclables will end up in a landfill during this period of recycling limbo.

More on this to come!

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Dealing with Dutch Bros


As any Sheldon High School alumni knows, Dutch bros is a student favorite any and all times of the year. This obsession leads to two things: 1. Caffeine addictions (I mean, if that's what it takes to keep you moving, then great) and 2. A whole lot of waste (not so great). One Sheldon Senior recognized this, and is currently on a mission to tackle the constant influx of plastic cups.

Jaden Bellamy has set out to create something beautiful using the ugly amounts of plastic cups at our school—an underwater scene made entirely out of Dutch Bros cups! The Green Club is offering her our support and are currently working with her and Sheldon staff to place waste bins designated for Dutch Bros around the school.

"Why don't we just recycle the cups?" one might ask. Well turns out waste companies in the state of Oregon can't recycle any plastic in the shape of a cup. This project is a great way to put even the smallest of dents in the huge amount of waste coming from Sheldon high school. Stay tuned for updates!

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A New Year, a New Beginning...

Sheldon's green club is taking off this school year as a certified Green School! (more info here) Sprouting from cooperation between Sheldon staff, students, and community members, we now have some funding to back our newly-made goals in hopes of making Sheldon High School more sustainable and environmentally friendly!

This year we have a lot to do, so as always, new members are always welcome! If you're at all interested, feel free to check out our Goals page to see what we'll be working on in the months to come.

If you have any questions, we'd love to answer them! Contact us here.

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