Meeting notes for January 31st, 2018

Our Unity assembly presentation is coming together. Leadership summit coming up!

The Unity Assembly:

Our main goal is to educate the student body. We want them to understand the problems the world is facing, the problems the Willamette valley will face, and how our own actions affect this. We will be given six minutes at the assembly to give our spiel:

- The first two minutes will be used by a representative from Oregon Green Schools to present the club with a $500 check for our becoming a Green School. 
- During the next one minute, a representative from the Green Club will give a brief overview of climate change impacts on the world and locally
- The next two and a half minutes will be given to the student unions where each of them will give a thirty-second bit about how environmental changes will impact the ethnic groups they represent
- The final thirty seconds will be given to a representative from Sheldon's TEN program to inform the student body of a building issue with responsible recycling.
- At the last moment, a Green Club member will swoop in and thank the audience for listening and leave them with something to think about.

Leadership Summit:

Our Future Alliance is putting on a leaderhip summit on March 6th to provide youth with the skills to take on civil issues around climate change. It's going to be a meaningful experience, and there are still slots open! Contact Drew for more info.

Meeting notes for January 10th, 2018

Big things today. We're cutting down on smaller projects in order to work on a couple larger, time-sensitive projects.

Project Updates:

Dutch Bros: Project now on back burner in an effort to divert energy towards a bigger project

Coffee Cart: Almost there! We've got two poster designs, but we want the student body's opinion. After getting results from the voting station we'll set up during lunch, we'll be able to print a huge version of the poster and put it on the wall next to the coffee cart promoting the discount they have for binging your own cup.

Paper Towel Video: Project now on back burner in an effort to divert energy towards a bigger project

Unity Assembly: Sheldon's annual Unity assembly will take place on February 16th. We would like to team up with clubs such as the Black Student Union, Latin Student Union, and Native American Student Union to remind Sheldon students that climate change is something that will affect all peoples while also being something all peoples can help mitigate. We now have students assigned to reach out to student union leaders with the knowledge that minority groups will be the most affected by climate change.

LFNW and TEN Co-op: It can be difficult for students and staff to determine in which bin their waste goes. The assortments of trashcans, buckets, and wooden boxes in classrooms for various types of waste look cluttered and take up space. What we'd like to do is to make bin labels more explicit school-wide and to replace the buckets and tubs in classrooms with a more compact, vertical option. To do this, we would need to partner with the TEN (Transition Education Network) program as the students involved are the ones who collect recycling from classrooms. In addition to keeping waste organized, we intend to divert as much food waste from trash cans as we can. To do this we plan to take advantage of the Love Food Not Waste (LFNW) program. More on this to come.

Things To Know:

    — Our Future meeting tonight
    — Unity Assembly on February 16th
    — Possible multi-club meeting with student unions on the 24th

Meeting notes for January 3rd, 2018

Today's meeting was shorter, but promising.

Project Updates:

Dutch Bros: Nothing to report

Air Dryers: After consulting with school administrators and an electrician, it appears as though air dryers may be too loud for where the majority of our school's bathrooms are located and would require new wiring to be done in the bathroom walls. So, unfortunately, we'll have to pursue another project. We're currently looking into the Love Food Not Waste program as a viable substitute. More on that to come.

Coffee Cart: Admin won't let us pain the sign onto the wall next to the school's Coffee Cart promoting the discount, so we'll have to instead make a large poster. Not what we had in mind, but a reasonable compromise. Our goal is still to raise awareness about the discount to encourage students to bring their own cups.

Paper Towel Video: A draft of the video will be completed by next week.


As previously stated, the air dryer project is on hold and we'll be pursuing the Love Food Not Waste program instead—a program designed to greatly reduce food waste in businesses and schools.

We've also decided that in the name of progress, deadlines for projects must be set. The current deadlines are as follow:

For next meeting:
    - Dutch Bros: Contact will be made with the local Dutch Bros
    - Love Food Not Waste application and information will be available for review and completion
    - Coffee Cart poster will be completed
    - A viewable draft of the paper towel video will be completed and brought to the meeting

Future Deadlines:
(For 1/17/18): A final draft of the paper towel video

Meeting notes for November 29th, 2017

Project Updates:

Dutch Bros: Nothing to report

Air Dryers: We are currently in contact with the air dryer company to get a better idea of what the costs of purchase and installation will be. For now, we know a single air drying unit will cost $480—a cost coverable by our recent Green School grant. It is also a possibility that we will get some sort of discount through the school district as we are a public institution. More on that to come. We will need to contact staff and district employees considering regulations around air dryers in 4j schools.

Coffee Cart: Once we finalize our design, we will submit the design to Les Phillipo, the teacher in charge of Sheldon's Coffee Cart, with the hope of painting it on the wall next to the Coffee Cart. Les has confirmed that the discount is still available.

Paper Towel Video: A storyboard draft is in progress.

Additional Details:

We are looking into more fundraising opportunities to kickstart our Air Dryer program. Exciting things to come!